Benefits of Australian timber oils

interior design

Wood is the most beautiful and practical natural material created by nature. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, so a person uses wood to decorate the surrounding space (floor, walls, furniture). However, to preserve this unique beauty and durability, wood requires special protection. And everything comes for a cost. But are the effects worth the price?

For these purposes, it is necessary to use a natural protective agent – timber oil.

Wooden floors, walls, furniture treated with timber wood oil continue to “live” and “breathe.” Thanks to this, an ecologically clean atmosphere is created in the house, which takes care of the health of its inhabitants.

Nature, naturalness, eco-friendly materials

This is what is appreciated in the construction and renovation of houses. And we can say that today we are experiencing a revolutionary time when construction materials have all these qualities. They replace the more recently familiar varnishes, which had to be applied in a special mask, and in the future, take into account their harmful effects on humans. Not only walls or floors of terraces and garden houses are treated with timber oils. Outdoor furniture and fences will also last much longer. For architects and designers, with the advent of these materials, the scope of their imagination and possibilities is significantly expanding.

Australian Timber Oil is used for Decks, Siding, Railings, and Outdoor Furniture is a special mix of oils initially defined to ensure thick tallowwood, Bambara, and Merbau from the outrageous Australian introductions. Australian deck stain and Oil enters profound into the thick, pitch rich woods to complement regular wood profundity and patina. Containing an exact mix of sublime evaluation linseed oil for greatest infiltration, long-oil alkyds for strength, and shading profundity and water repellency. Australian Timber Oil dispatches three-way oil security and an excellent hardwood stain. Likewise, complex clear iron oxide shades are added to guarantee an enduring U.V. engrossing surface rich with shading and measurement. The outcome following quite a while of improvement is a trendsetting innovation treatment of exceptional execution intended to secure your fascinating wood surfaces more than ever.

For best outcomes, use an excellent stain brush. To keep away from lap marks, start at one edge and finish to the furthest limit of the sheets. Apply Australian Timber Oil for Decks and Outdoor Furniture to little segments one after another, 2-3 loads up at once. Items that don’t enter must be eliminated or scoured into the sheets corresponding to the wood grain. For open-air furniture: The best outcomes can be accomplished by hand scouring the completion into the wood grain by utilizing a delicate fabric or lambswool tool. Restain relying upon sun presentation and wear each 1-2 years

     Timber Oil Benefits

  • Natural raw materials of the highest quality, which in the production process undergo environmental testing and additional purification;
  • It gives the additional wood strength, resistance to wear, and gives reliable protection from dirt and moisture;
  • It can be used in any premises: both in private houses with a low load on the wooden floor also in public places (offices, airports, museums, hotels, and sports facilities) with a high load;
  • Can be used to handle children’s wooden furniture, toys, and kitchen countertops;

By choosing Timber oil, you are guaranteed the highest quality, safety, and maximum protection for any wood surface for years to come. Timber wood oil is the best natural protection.