Maintaining Real Estate Contacts

Office work

All local businesses will communicate with their customers daily either by email, on the phone or face to face. Each customer will have a phone number, a name, address and an email address. Back in the day, we could use the old Rolodex to keep the information up to date.  You may be asking what exactly do we use now to replace the Rolodex? Some may be using excel files which you can update manually, or you may keep your contacts in your email. These solutions don’t work well, can be costly and are simply not ideal. Your address book is now one of your most valuable assets. You need to ensure that it gets stored within a reliable system that allows you to use them effectively.
Having success in the modern workplace requires education, skills and the right information to perform the job. You can have friends put in a kind word about you. Still, it might be worth more than a high-grade point average when it comes time to secure a new client or job. Developing a network of contacts outside but also inside the company can be beneficial to you in many ways, especially if you are starting.


A network of contacts within a company is useful in a way that it can provide you with sources of suggestions if you are looking for more work or going at it solo. If you start your own business, the contacts that you had from a previous job may be happy to recommend your services and company to clients. There is also the chance to sell goods or services to any prior employers.


Internal and external contacts can provide you with opportunities that help you advance in the current business industry. If you have a friend that is sitting in managerial positions within a company, it might help to increase your chances of going up in the industry. If you have contacts that are from different companies, but the same industry can help you even further. Advancing in your business allows you to form new contact relationships with higher-up people, which is essential if you are trying to grow your business.

Writing on paper

Business opportunities

Developing a network of contacts within your own company can give you access to different opportunities and property development plans that you would not have had access to otherwise.


The contacts that you form within the industry may be happy to give out information when you are starting up your own company. Getting help from professionals can be invaluable when you are developing business concepts, operating a new business and making business plans. Contacts can provide you with information about the different real estate opportunities or townhouse plans and help you create strategies on how to deal with those.

Are you considering a contact manager?

If you are considering a contact manager, it is vital to research and make sure that your decision is the right one to make. There are programs where you can create lists without any limit, so you have flexibility as you grow your business. It is essential to have a way to download and upload data automatically. Don’t get stuck in a service where you upload all your contacts but cannot get them back out again.

It’s also essential to have a way to upload or download your data automatically. You don’t want to be stuck in a service where you can’t leave because they have all of your contacts and you can’t get them out. If you are looking at staying within the real estate business, then ensure your contact platform allows you to use lists and contacts easily with fast and straightforward updates. You need this to when it comes time to send out marketing communications to all your contacts.