New issues with 737 Max said to be “minor”

boeing 737 max new issues

Boeing said on Friday (Jan. 17) it found a new flaw in the software on the grounded 737 Max aircraft but expects to resolve the issue shortly so that it will not delay the aeroplane’s anticipated return to service.

According to a person who knows the problem, the glitch causes other onboard applications to malfunction during startup.

Boeing discovered the new problem during a technical review, the individual said, calling the issue “minor” and adding that it shouldn’t delay the plane’s return to service.

Boeing and the FAA are currently reviewing fixes into the aircraft MCAS anti-stall flight system, which was implicated in the crashes of Lion Air and Ethiopian Air flights which collectively left 346 people dead.

Before the planes can go back to service, civil aviation authorities must also determine what training Max pilots will need and schedule a test flight.

Dennis Muilenburg, was appointed chief executive in 2015, was recently fired in December and his successor, a longtime board member David Calhoun, took over at the beginning of this week.