Software to Protect Emails

Emails are one of the most important components of a business. Emails can contain sensitive information about a business. Therefore, it is important that you keep your information safe from spammers and viruses. There are separate apps that you can install in your computer and mobile phone that can safeguard or protect your emails from malware or anything that could compromise security. Firewall and virus protection is essential for protection.

Maintain security of your business emails using the below software:

Proofpoint: Proofpoint is an email security software that provides a strong defence and protection against email threats and email spamming. It has a powerful URL defence and dynamic content filtering. Proofpoint’s admin console is modern and can provide information on granular reports and spamming threats. Proofpoint provides a cost-effective and productive enterprise email security. It is one of the largest email protection software programs with a turnout of $ 1 billion every year. The software is one of the most efficient ones across the globe.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway: Mimecast is one of the leading vendors in terms of email threat safety. They monitor billions of emails every day and they have a large database for threat security. This is good for all the customers who use this software as it provides all the latest threat defence on your emails and safeguards it. Customers praise the reports and analytics provided by Mimecast.

IRONSCALES: IRONSCALES uses Artificial Intelligence-driven tools to safeguard your emails from threats and identify malicious emails from your mailbox. It provides strong protection against malware with Checkpoint. It allows the user to identify any malfunction or malware and it provides high security for your emails.

Barracuda Essentials: The Barracuda Essential gives you feature-rich email protection and is a cost-efficient option. Customers have praised this software for its high security and quick response to problems. Barracuda Essentials also has other features excluding threat identification such as archiving solution, encryption and backup. With these features, Barracuda also checks and takes continuous steps to protect emails from online threats.

Cisco Cloud Email Security: Cisco ensures spam filtering which ensures that only essential emails come into your mailbox. It also features lost data protection, encryption and backup. Cisco also has multi-layered protection as your account automatically gets access to their integrated security services.

Hornetsecurity: Hornet has eased on end-users, processing their email faster. Reports are another strong feature. This means that this software reports on email trafficking and spams. Hornetsecurity is ideal for midsized companies. This software Hornetsecurity is cost-efficient with good response to questions asked by users. It makes sure that your device and email is protected from a range of threats.

Sophos Email Security: Sophos email security is one of the most popular software amongst mid scaled companies, resellers and retailers. It is one of the most cost-efficient software programs and has a lot of features.

Forcepoint email security: Forcepoint email provides spam protection to your email. Reports provide a security stat on your email for the last 30 days. It also provides some training in end-user spam spotting. Forcepoint is a popular choice of people for email security soft wares.

Spam Titan: Spam Titan aims to restrict spam emails from reaching your inbox. It is mainly designed for schools and businesses. The spam filtering in this software has a 99.99% success rate of spam catching, which is a pretty good result for an app.

These are some of the top listed apps and these are the most cost-efficient. Use these and protect your emails and protect your business. Your network consultant may suggest other options on top of the programs mentioned.